“I really started living when I started taking music classes in the summer of 2006. That’s when I realized and started to release all my backed up creative juices.”

Odessa always loved music, but between 2003 and 2005, an ex-boyfriend would constantly play box-sets of Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page, and that’s when Odessa fell in love with the guitar. Jimmi and Jimmy’s romancing of their instrument got her hooked. At that point, she hurried to the music store bought an affordable acoustic guitar and booked a music lesson. After the first three chords, she immediately started writing lyrics and making melodies and since then has never stopped.

Although life’s ups and downs has tried to stop her passion for making music, Odessa vowed to pursue her passion and dreams of telling stories alongside beautiful rhythmic guitar playing. She’s a songwriter, composer, singer, rhythmist, guitarist and soloist. “I’ve second guessed myself with a lot of things I’ve tried, but the only thing I’ve never second guessed myself with is music!” Her purpose on this earth as she has said is “since I’ve found my calling, I’ve been happy and I’ll become happier when I’m sharing and entertaining people with my melodies, rhythms, solo’s and inspiring lyrics.”

Odessa is ready, her first song completed, titled “Soothes my Soul”, which is accessible on YouTube. After going through a rough patch, she realized her only mate was music! She has also finished another single titled “Expedite them”, where the video is in progress, as well as currently finishing a third and recording until her album is done.

She’s positive, energetic, deep, spiritual, wise and mentally strong. According to Odessa “The naysayers and negative one’s better run or else they’ll be beaten and ignored. I only mingle with the positive ones.”

Odessa was born and grew up in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Her music has a strong reggae influence with an element of rock, calypso and blues. She said “All my life, everything I’ve done, I’ve mixed and so with music, there’ll be no difference.” With obstacles in her way and funding for music difficult, she has said “Great people remove obstacles and find other ways that’s why they are called ‘great’.”

One of Odessa’s  great inspiration remains, the immortal musician,Bob Marley,but she also has others! She has said,”I’ve been inspired by the living and the dead and without great stories from  great people,i wouldn’t be as strong now”. What Bob Marley taught Odessa as she has said is ,”listen to  your inner voice, get the truth and become a soldier for what you believe in”.

Stay tuned and don’t miss a chance to hear, see and feel Odessa’s electrifying, melodious, rhythmic, lyrical and inspiring music.

She happily talks to me about her lover, as she describes as her black, electric, beaten-up, pretty sounding fender strat, saying “It’s with me through good times and the bad.”